Many body partial fat or worry about fat friends, always think in the daily diet
The researchers to a group of more than 80 - year - old old woman on the
Alleviate mood, relieve pressure. Chocolate can improve the brain in a
In the general population are edible, but children under the age of 8 is unfavorable to eat chocolate, chocolate contains make nervous system excited substance, can make children it is not easy to sleep and crying uneasiness. Patients with diabetes should eat less or do

Mung bean sprout it contains moisture content more, be absorbed by the body

It is the good food reducing weight. Japanese medical experts research proves, vinegar bean of saponin, can eliminate adhesion in human blood vessels of a kind of fat, and can reduce the blood cholesterol content, can help you to lose weight.
Soybeans and soy products soybeans and soy products contain rich unsaturated fatty acid, can decompose the body cholesterol, promote the lipid metabolism, make the subcutaneous fat not easy accumulation. Especially vinegar beans

Carrot is a kind of rich nutrition, all appropriate plant of the old, called...